Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Talking About Air Filtration Systems

  • Safety Problems Caused By Faulty Water Heaters And Boilers

    What's the first thing to come to mind when you think about your water heater or boiler breaking down? You likely envision taking a cold shower, washing dishes with cold water, and having no heat in your home. However, faulty appliances such as water heaters and boilers can be very dangerous. Here are a few examples of the dangers of water heaters and boilers that need repaired. Explosion caused by a tiny hole in the gas line

  • 3 Benefits Of Having Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned

    If you are conscientious about maintaining your HVAC system, you are probably used to changing filters and cleaning air vents. However, there is another aspect of HVAC maintenance that many homeowners do not consider: duct cleaning. Here are three of the benefits of having your air ducts professionally cleaned. Better Indoor Air Quality Have you ever noticed that the air inside your home has become stale, musty, or otherwise uncomfortable? Or has anyone in your household recently began suffering from an increased frequency of allergy attacks or respiratory irritation?

  • Environmentally Friendly Heating Options For Your Tiny House

    Are you getting ready to build a tiny house, or are in the process of building one? One of the many things you need to consider is your heating. Unless you live in a very warm climate where extra blankets or a small space heater will do on the coldest days and nights, you will need some kind of heating system for your entire house. If you're concerned about the environment, you'll want to include a heating system for your house that has a minimal environmental impact.

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Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Hey everyone, I am Mort Nicholas. Since I have allergies to pollen, dust and chemicals, I must filter the air blowing through my home day and night. The air filtration systems hook straight to the furnace and air conditioner to provide my home with fresh air at all times. The filters used for these systems capture the tiniest of particles to keep them out of my airways. As a result, I often wake up feeling healthy and refreshed. I hope to share the benefits of having filtered air flowing through your home. I will discuss symptoms caused by contaminated air. In addition, I will share information about air filtration maintenance services provided by HVAC contractors.