Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Talking About Air Filtration Systems

  • Air Filter Problems And Their Effect On Air Conditioner Performance

    Air filters play an important role in keeping air conditioner parts dirt-free. Since they trap dirt and mold particles, they also purify air, something that goes a long way towards improving air quality in a home. However, when they develop problems, they become a liability. The following are some of the most common air conditioner filter problems that have a negative effect on air conditioner performance. Clogged filters With time, air filters get clogged with dirt and debris.

  • Shutting Down Your Heating For The Season: Helpful Hints

    As you wave goodbye to winter and the balmy breezes of spring arrive, you are probably one of many who will just shut off the heat and not think of it again until fall. While that is all good and well, you should probably consider some heating services now rather than later. Why? Because then you do not have to do them in the fall and you can just turn the heat on and let things run their course.

  • How to Avoid These Three Common Plumbing Emergencies

    All plumbing emergencies should be avoided if possible, however, the only way to do this is to actively ensure that you are taking the right steps to avoid it. This way, you avoid costly repairs not only to the plumbing in your home but to other areas of your home, as well. Here's how to avoid the three most common types of plumbing emergencies: Emergency Shut Off Valve Not Working: When you have a major leak or clog in the sink or toilet, you will want to immediately turn the emergency shut off valve to that appliance.

  • Learn How To Prepare Your Window A/C Unit For Springtime Duty

    It's probably been a while since you last used your window air conditioner. In fact, you may even have it tucked away in a corner of your attic or storage area. But with the wintertime chill giving way to springtime warmth, now's the time to press your window A/C unit back into service. But before you do that, here are a few things you'll want to do to get it ready for the long and hard work ahead of it.

  • Why Is My Air Conditioning Turning On And Off So Quickly?

    While air conditioner is still considered a luxury in cooler climates, it's a life-saving necessity in areas where summer temperatures rise above 90 degrees F. If your air conditioner is still running but turns itself on and off regularly, you need to act quickly before the unit shuts down entirely. Discover why your A/C is following such an unusual operation pattern and how to fix it before the problem worsens.

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    Hey everyone, I am Mort Nicholas. Since I have allergies to pollen, dust and chemicals, I must filter the air blowing through my home day and night. The air filtration systems hook straight to the furnace and air conditioner to provide my home with fresh air at all times. The filters used for these systems capture the tiniest of particles to keep them out of my airways. As a result, I often wake up feeling healthy and refreshed. I hope to share the benefits of having filtered air flowing through your home. I will discuss symptoms caused by contaminated air. In addition, I will share information about air filtration maintenance services provided by HVAC contractors.