Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Talking About Air Filtration Systems

How To Maintain An AC Unit

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If you want your AC system to remain efficient, you need to do your part to keep certain components clean. This is particularly true when it comes to an AC unit that is located outside the building. This article explains how to keep your AC unit clean.

Cover Your Unit

First of all, you want to cover your AC unit whenever you aren't using it. You don't need to cover your AC unit every time you aren't using it, but it is a good idea to keep it covered if you don't plan on powering it up for more than a few weeks. Just make sure you remove the cover before you turn it back on. It is a good idea to clean out your coils at the end of every summer and before you put your heat pump cover back on for the winter.

What to Clean

Since it is located outside of your building, the AC unit can get dirty very quickly. In fact, the condenser coils that line the outside of the unit are the most vital to the functionality of your system. So, it is very likely that your coils will get dirty and need to be cleaned on an annual basis. It is actually very easy to clean your coils because of where they are located on the outside of the unit. This is a simple job that you can deal with in a matter of a couple hours, and you don't even need to turn off your the power to your condenser unit. It is better if your condenser is actually running, but you don't need to worry about cutting the power supply.

Check the Hose

No matter how productive you AC unit is, it will not be efficient if the hose that feeds into your duct system is dirty, punctured, or disconnected. This hose, since it is usually on the ground between the unit and the wall of your home, is definitely vulnerable to all sorts of damage. Most often, the hose can get knocked loose or dislodged at either end, especially if you live somewhere that it snows. The weight from snow during the winter can put too much pressure on the hose connections on both ends. So, you want to check your hose by turning on your air conditioner and feeling for leaking air. If you feel air flow, you will you need to install a new hose, or just reattach the hose to the fittings

As you can see, it is easy to maintain your AC unit. Contact a company like J. P. Griffin Inc. for more information on taking care of your commercial HVAC system.


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