Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Talking About Air Filtration Systems

4 Air Conditioning Options

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During the summer season, most want to spend more time outdoors in the sun, but it can definitely get hot, which is why it's nice to come back to a nice, cool home. During those extra warm days, though, most want to escape the heat by staying indoors all day. However, this isn't going to be as enjoyable if you don't have AC in your home. In fact, your home could easily become hotter inside than it is outside. If you currently don't have AC either because you need to replace your system of you simply don't have AC at all, then you want to consider your options. Here are four:

  1. Central: Central air conditioning is probably the most popular option simply because it cools the entire home. However, this isn't the right option for everyone, especially if you only spend a majority of the day in a certain area of the home. It wouldn't do in this case to spend the cost on energy to cool the whole home if you're only in a part of it. 
  2. Heat Pump: Heat pumps, despite the name, also provide cool air in the home. The other benefit is that it also provides heat in the winter season so you don't have to have two separate units providing the heating and cooling in your home. This makes it a bit more convenient when it comes to repairs since it will fix both the heat and the air. However, because the one unit is constantly being used, it may require more repairs over time than other cooling and heating options. 
  3. Ductless Mini Split Air: The biggest advantage of ductless mini split air is the simple fact that it doesn't use ducts. The problem with ducts is that they often lead to a large amount of energy loss if they are not properly insulated or if a leak every develops. The other benefit that many people don't know about is that you can adjust the temperature with this type of system in each different room in the home. This is especially beneficial if you don't use certain rooms or if your family has different needs from one another when it comes to temperature. 
  4. High Velocity: High-velocity systems are great because, while it does use ducts, the ducts are smaller, which means less energy loss. On top of this, because the ducts are small, the air tends to move more quickly through the system. 

When you know what some of your options are, you will have a better understanding as to what you are looking for once you are ready to install AC in your home. To learn more, contact an AC installation company near you! 


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