Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Talking About Air Filtration Systems

2 Tips For Getting Your HVAC Unit Installed More Quickly

Tammy Terry

Going without heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer can be brutal. In some cases, it can be even be dangerous, depending on the temperatures. Having a unit installed as soon as possible might be very important to you, but you could be concerned about potential hold-ups with the installation. Luckily, there are a couple of things that you can do that can help you speed up the process. These are two tips that can help you get your unit installed as soon as possible.

1. Use a 24-Hour HVAC Service

First of all, you should know that HVAC service companies often aren't just nine-to-five businesses. Many of them operate services 24 hours a day. A lot of them work on holidays or weekends. Even though you might not want to have your unit installed in the middle of the night (and even though this might not be realistic), knowing that some services work on long weekends or other times when many businesses are closed can be helpful. Then, you can work with a service that might be able to get your unit installed more quickly.

2. Make Sure Your Home is Ready for the Contractor

Another step that you can take that can help you get your unit installed more quickly is by ensuring that you are prepared for the contractor to arrive. These are a few steps that you can take that can help you get prepared:

  • Put your pets away, such as by temporarily putting them in a pet kennel. This will help prevent distractions and make your HVAC technician feel at ease.
  • Make sure that your driveway is not blocked and that there is room for the HVAC team to park with their van or truck and equipment.
  • Move furniture and decor items away from any vents that are already installed in your home so that there is easy access.
  • Ensure that your contractor can easily access your backyard so that your outdoor unit can be installed.

If you don't have heating or air conditioning in your home and need to have a new unit installed, you are probably looking for ways to get the job done fast. Luckily, following these two tips will help you ensure that you get your unit installed as quickly as possible. Then, in no time, you and your family will be enjoying the perks of your heating and air conditioning system.


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