Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Commercial Heating Installation: Protect Your Office Employees From Seasonal Illnesses This Year

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With fall just a few months away, now is the perfect time to install a new heating system for your office building. Your HVAC contractors may offer the latest and most efficient heating systems on the market. If your employees tend to suffer from the flu and other seasonal illnesses each year, replacing your old heating system now may help protect them. Here are three reasons to consult with your commercial heating contractor about a new system.

Reduce Illnesses That Affect Work Productivity

Flu season may begin as early as October in the United States. Although not everyone may experience the flu, a good number of your employees may develop severe symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing and nausea, that keep them from coming to work. Even the loss of a few employees may hurt your workflow operations and production, which is why it's essential that you take steps to protect your staff with the right heating system.

Your HVAC contractor may offer heating systems that feature advanced air filters, controls and functions. Some heating systems on the market may work best when used with commercial grade electronic air cleaners and traps.

Electronic cleaners and traps generally fit inside your building's air ducts and vents for convenience. The cleaners catch and block airborne contaminants before they travel through the heating system, which protects the office workers in your building.

Keep in mind that if your HVAC system isn't strong or efficient enough to support your building, your current air filtering system may not be as well. In this case, mold, mildew and other bad conditions may develop in your duct system and vents. Poor air quality may weaken your employees' immune systems, which may increase their risks for airborne illnesses.

Protect Employees With Disabilities That Weaken Their Immune Systems

Your new heating system should comfort employees who have disabilities, illnesses or other health issues that weaken or disrupt their immune systems, such as arthritis. Radiant heating is one type of system that may help you accomplish this. Radiant heating that uses hydronic technology keeps the flooring of your office building warm and toasty.

Employees who have poor circulation in their feet and legs or intense pain in their backs, hips and knees from arthritis may benefit the most from radiant hydronic heating. These medical conditions may make your employees more susceptible to colds, viruses and other illnesses because of their weakened immune systems.

Eliminate Drafts and Cold Spots and Improve the Stability of Your Office Building

A new commercial heating system may help you reduce employee illnesses over time by removing air drafts and cold spots in the building. This is very important if your office building is large or designed with multiple floors and levels. Your heating system must be able to reach every area of your building without breaking down or performing poorly. 

Some of your offices may feel colder than others do in the fall and winter. Employees working in these locations may need to bundle up with layers of clothing to stay warm. As a result, the employees may not feel comfortable while typing, answering phones or communicating with clients. 

The ceiling, flooring and walls in your cold offices may warp, bend out of shape or damage easily from the coldness. You may end up with ill employees and expensive foundation repairs. 

Your commercial heating contractor may help you select a system that reduces cold spots and drafts in your building. For instance, a number of heating systems come with smart features that allow them to pick up cold locations easily. The systems may transfer or send warmer air to these locations to overcome the coldness.

If you want to improve the quality of your office building's air and protect your employees, contact your commercial heating installation company for more information on their products.


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