Talking About Air Filtration Systems

Talking About Air Filtration Systems

3 Benefits Of Having Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Tammy Terry

If you are conscientious about maintaining your HVAC system, you are probably used to changing filters and cleaning air vents. However, there is another aspect of HVAC maintenance that many homeowners do not consider: duct cleaning. Here are three of the benefits of having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever noticed that the air inside your home has become stale, musty, or otherwise uncomfortable? Or has anyone in your household recently began suffering from an increased frequency of allergy attacks or respiratory irritation? Both of these problems can potentially be caused by duct work that is in need of cleaning. Be sure to contact an HVAC contractor for a professional cleaning as soon as you notice these problems.

The dark, secluded interior of your ducts provides a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria, especially if your HVAC system is not dehumidifying the air properly. Additionally, pollen, dust, and other allergens that are not caught by your furnace filter are likely to cling to the walls of your ducts and build up over time. As your HVAC system runs, these pollutants can be picked up by the air that is blown into your home, causing allergy and respiratory problems. A professional duct cleaning will remove these contaminants and make sure that your indoor air is as clean as possible.

In addition to improving the air that you breath, a duct cleaning will reduce the amount of dust that settles on your furniture or hardwood floors. This is because the dust that settles in your home is made up of the largest particles of the pollutants that are blown out of your duct work. By removing these pollutants, a duct cleaning will save you from having to dust every time you have friends or family over, and will allow you to relax more comfortably without having to worry about sitting on dusty furniture.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

Your ducts are designed to be the exact size that your HVAC system needs to circulate air efficiently throughout your home. Over time, the pollutants that build up inside your ducts can begin to block this airflow, reducing the efficiency of your system by making it work harder to move the same amount of air. A duct cleaning will remove any bottlenecks that you have in your ductwork and return your system to its recommended level of airflow.

Longer Equipment Life Span

Any problem that reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system is also threatening to decrease its lifespan, and dirty ducts are no exception. Because your system is working harder when the ducts are dirty, the internal components of your furnace are likely to burn out more quickly than they would if your system was operating at peak efficiency.

In addition to blocking airflow, dirt and dust buildup can pose a more direct threat to your HVAC system. The more dust that is present in your ducts, the more likely it is that the dust will make it into the furnace itself and possibly cause a sudden breakdown. Two of the most common ways that dust can harm a furnace are by insulating heat-generating parts and causing overheating, or by mixing with condensation in the air to create a conductive grime that causes a short circuit.

If you are looking for the best indoor air quality possible, or want to maximize the lifespan of your HVAC system, regular duct cleaning is one of the best options available to you. As these benefits show, duct cleaning is a safe and simple process that will greatly improve the function of your HVAC system. For more information, contact air conditioning contractors in your area. 


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